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PVC floors

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Warmth, durability & ease of maintenance combined

PVC floors that exude character

PVC floors exude the warmth and characteristics of natural products. At the same time, they offer the durability and ease of maintenance of plastic. From an original wood look to a concrete look, our PVC floors are a stylish and practical solution for any room in the home or office.

Did you know that PVC flooring and underfloor heating go hand in hand? This allows you to enjoy a comfortable and energy-efficient source of heat. Your floor will feel warm by itself, making it pleasant to walk on. Curious about the possibilities? Then schedule an appointment via our website and we will meet in our showroom. Of course, coffee and/or tea will be ready for you!

Laying patterns such as wild dressing or herringbone

A PVC floor in four layers

Exelero PVC floors consist of four layers: the PU layer, the wear layer, the film layer and the PVC backing. Those layers are compressed into a solid and durable plank.


The PU layer, first of all, gives the board extra protection. The wear layer, secondly, protects the floor against intensive use and makes it scratch-resistant. The film layer, in turn, is the floor’s print.


Finally, the bottom part is the back of the board. It provides strength and the right sound absorption.

With a PVC floor, you have the following options for the laying pattern:

You can choose to have your floor finished with a band and optionally with a border.

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Also separately for sale to lay them yourself

Going for a dryback floor or click floor?

To install your PVC floor, the surface needs to be level. We can therefore level it beforehand. In terms of design, you can go for a dryback (glued) or click flooring.


You can also buy these from us separately, so that you can lay them yourself if necessary. Be sure to have a look at our projects page to see our floors in practice.

Interested in the options for residential concrete?

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