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Resistant to heavy vehicles & corrosive liquids

Industrial floors with a coating or epoxy

Floors in companies often have to endure more than those in a home. Depending on the industry, they are affected by e.g. heavy vehicles, corrosive liquids or high temperatures. Therefore, it is fundamental that you choose a floor for your company that is, among other things, wear resistant and waterproof.

Although our floors made of polyurethaneresidential concrete and concrete ciré also possess those qualities, we would still recommend Exelero coating or Exelero epoxy for industrial floors. Before we cast a new floor, we can level the old floor of your company.

Our products

Exelero coating

We can add additional options to a floor with Exelero coating, such as a non-slip layer, or we can make the floor permeable to vapour.

Exelero epoxy

Since an epoxy floor is resistant to chemicals and can support heavy machinery, it is ideal for warehouses and industrial buildings.

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